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How h2o2 media can Preserve your Important Memories

No doubt, many of you have VHS tapes collecting dust somewhere in your home. You probably aren’t watching them, but you can’t get rid of them because they contain precious memories.

Most people, I talk to, don’t even own a VCR anymore.

That’s where h2o2 Media comes in. We can affordably transform those VHS memories into digital dreams.

You’ll be able to share those memories with family and friends, on your big screen TV, your computer, or on any device.

We can preserve your important memories and events digitally, and record them onto a DVD disk, or a USB stick, for your convenience.

A great gift idea, for that special someone, particularly if they are hard to buy-for.

We can prepare your special gift on time, and in time, whether it’s a birthday, a company event, a personalized message, or an early Christmas present.

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Let’s Make It Great !!!

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Who we are:
I am Steve Brown. We are H2O2 Media, which includes my associates, my contractors and me.

What we do:
H2O2 Media’s main mission is to provide high quality, affordably-priced audio/video services for entrepreneurs and nonprofit organizations. And have fun doing it.

How we do it:
Mutual respect. It’s the only way. Without it, we can’t do business.

H2O2 Media reserves the right to refuse projects that are outside our available resources.

At H2O2 Media, we strive to provide high quality products to our customers. To achieve this, we include presentation coaching with our services.

Who owns it:
Unless otherwise agreed, all your footage and produced pieces are owned by you. However, H2O2 Media has the right to use any or all produced material in any promotional material.

How we handle privacy:
If you share your personal information with H2O2 Media, for any reason, we will never share it with anyone, for any reason, according to Canada’s Privacy Act.

How you handle privacy:
While we won’t share your information, we DO want you to share ours. Please tell your friends. You can reach us via email, phone or text. We have a Facebook page, a Linkedin page, and a Youtube page, in addition to this web page.

How to pay:
50% deposit, on any session longer than 1 hour, before work commences. The remainder is due when we deliver the product. Shorter sessions can be billed following the session. Let us know if you require special invoicing. We accept VISA, MasterCard, cheque, email transfers, PayPal, gold and silver.

Our Partial Price List is listed on our Services Page.

What you do:
By signing our contract, you agree to these terms.

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Your business and your goals are different from your competitors or any other business in the world.

Your landscaping or video project is unique to you.

You might have some footage we can use to create a two minute promo. You might need all new footage.

Lets talk about your goals for your video.

Or, perhaps you have something in mind to revitalize your yard.

Tell us about your project and what you hope to achieve. Tell us how to contact you and when you prefer to be contacted.


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