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We provide affordable audio and visual data capture, on location, in addition to audio and video editing.

Menu of services:

  • Transfer VHS Tapes to DVD or USB stick
  • On location photos
  • On location video recording
  • Editing services
  • Cassette dubbing to MP3


Partial Price List for Media projects:

  • VHS Tapes to DVD – $25 per DVD burnt (Includes 2 copies, with Labels and Titles – if desired)
    For example, an edited 90 tape fits on 1 DVD, 3 1/2 hours of tape fits on 3 DVD’s, and so on.
    Discounts apply for larger orders.
  • Editing $70 per hour
  • Coaching and Experience – INCLUDED

Thank you for considering H2O2 Media and Landscaping by Steve

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Your business and your goals are different from your competitors or any other business in the world.

Your landscaping or video project is unique to you.

You might have some footage we can use to create a two minute promo. You might need all new footage.

Lets talk about your goals for your video.

Or, perhaps you have something in mind to revitalize your yard.

Tell us about your project and what you hope to achieve. Tell us how to contact you and when you prefer to be contacted.


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