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We provide affordable audio and visual data capture, on location, in addition to audio and video editing.

Menu of services:

  • Transfer VHS Tapes to DVD or USB stick
  • On location photos
  • On location video recording
  • Editing services
  • Cassette dubbing to MP3


Partial Price List for Media projects:

  • VHS Tapes to DVD – $25 per DVD burnt (Includes 2 copies, with Labels and Titles – if desired)
    For example, an edited 90 tape fits on 1 DVD, 3 1/2 hours of tape fits on 3 DVD’s, and so on.
    Discounts apply for larger orders.
  • Editing $70 per hour
  • Coaching and Experience – INCLUDED

Thank you for considering H2O2 Media and Landscaping by Steve

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